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Building a website yourself? The best platform you should choose is...

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

So you've taken the route to DYI (do-it-yourself). But which platform is the best to use?

Answer: The platform that works best for you. All platforms come with their own pros and cons.

True answer: It depends on the goal of your website. For example, if you're building a light informational website - try Wix or Duda. You'll see that they are very similar.

Wix have built-in product fulfillment capability that is FREE unless Wordpress, you'll have to pay for upgrades.

Want a membership website? Try Wordpress. Wordpress can handle the traffic and data.

The dowside: You spend more time optimizing the mobile view for Wix websites whereas Wordpress and other platforms and page builders are automatic. Mobile view is extremely important.

Remember, Google can detect things on your website that lessens a great user experience such as:

  • Bad mobile view

  • Lack of content

  • Too much content

  • Too many H1's (title tags)

  • Text too tiny on mobile view

  • Zombie pages (pages that were made but not being being used at all)

  • No SSL - Google is cracking down on this.

  • Duplicate content

  • Plagiarism - YES! Google can detect it.

  • Pure spam

  • A busy design. Keep it simple.

  • And so many more things that Google will penalize websites for.

Want to know if your website is at risk or is currently being penalized?

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