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Grow A Blog Community

Do people still write blogs these days? Of course they do!! Writing blogs can help the SEO of yoir website. Oh my Gosh How?!

Google knows how to read every word on your website. Google can pick up keywords on your website that are tailored into the SEO wizard or plugin of your website.

How often should you write a blog?

Write a blog for your website at least once per week. Google loves fresh content.


Link products and services INTO your blog like this: You can book our lovely branding services right now, right here

How to do it:

  1. Write a new blog.

  2. Select a word or a couple of words and highlight them. Then click the "link" button.

  3. Add the link to the service for product to in that area. Then click save.

  4. Boom. Need to see a video? Click here .

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